The following is a complete catalog of music by Clayton Daniel Briggs, in order of composition.

♫ = Available for purchase.

Electric Circus (Full-Length Musical) (2019)
Book/Lyrics: Molly Reisman

The Three Dolls (Children’s Musical) (2019)
Book: Jane Catherine Shaw, Lyrics: Molly Reisman

NYU Tisch: Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program (2016-2018)

Winchester (20-Minute Musical)(May 2017)
Book/Lyrics: Megan Petersen

I’ll Believe You (March 2017)
Lyrics: Laurie Hochman

Gold (10-Minute Musical) (March 2017)
Book/Lyrics: Brooke Magalis

A Night In New York (February 2017)
Lyrics: Ioana Preda Buburuzan

Heroes and Villains: A Song Cycle (Ongoing)
Music & Lyrics: Clayton Daniel Briggs

Another Winter Day (February 2017)
Lyrics: Cal Silberstein

Couples Counseling (January 2017)
Lyrics: Paulie Pecorella

In My Hands (January 2017) ♫
Lyrics: Molly Reisman

Wonder Woman (January 2017)
Lyrics: Kelsey McConnell

Caelo Girls (December 2016)
Lyrics: Barbara Bellman

Turn Around (November 2016)
Lyrics: Maegan Cadet

Thrilled (November 2016)
Lyrics: Chase O'Neill

What Will You Choose (November 2016)
Lyrics: Sean McCabe

Asylum (October 2016)
Lyrics: AriDy Nox

The Blankets (October 2016)
Lyrics: Ashton Tibbitt

I'm Just Not Interested (September 2016)
Lyrics: Zach Childers

Agoraphobia (September 2016)
Lyrics: Rebecca Hart

Whistle For Someone (March 2016)
Lyrics: Alex Syiek

So Remembering Him (February 2016) ♫
Poem: Edna St. Vincent Millay

New Musicals, Inc.: (2015-2016)

Before We Do (15-Minute Musical) (May 2016)
Book: Isabel Storey, Lyrics: Marissa Kochanski

A Few Drops of Rain (March 2016)
Lyrics: Mitchell Glaser

For The Best (March 2016)
Lyrics: Karen Bradley

Coming Clear (February 2016)
Lyrics: Jeffery McCrann

Anna Karenina (January 2016)
Lyrics: Chris Arias

Schrödinger's Cat (December 2015)
Lyrics: Jeffery McCrann

Some Kind of Normal (November 2015)
Music & Lyrics: Clayton Daniel Briggs

Love You To Death (October 2015) ♫
Music & Lyrics: Clayton Daniel Briggs

Internet Songs (Ongoing)
A song cycle.

Good Morning (July 2015) ♫
For ensemble and piano (or small combo)

She had the sweetest smile (August 2015) ♫
For tenor and piano

"Little Red Riding Hood 2" (In Progress)
A short musical.

Pepperdine University: (2012-2016)

The Little Prince (March 2016) ♫
For augmented Pierrot ensemble and narrator. (8:15)

Interludes (May 2015) ♫
For solo piano. (4:15)

String Quartet (February 2015) ♫
For string quartet. (8:15)

Lux (September 2014) ♫
For treble solo and SSAATTBB choir. (4:50)

Film Reel (April 2014)
Scores for a variety of styles of scenes. (10:00)

Slowvertones (March 2014)
For flute, cello, and piano. (8:40)

Taking Flight (February 2014)
For two percussionists. (5:45)

Turning To Stone (October 2013) ♫
For two percussionists. (6:50)

Sara Teasdale: A Song Cycle (August 2013) ♫
For mezzo-soprano and piano. (8:30)

A Dream Within A Dream (January 2013)
For solo viola.

Clovis East High School: (2008-2012)

Our New Start (April 2012)
For SATB choir and several soloists. (3:30)

I Am Not Yours (October 2011) ♫
For SSAA choir and piano. (2:50)

A Fantasy (October 2011)
For TTBB. (1:45)

The Star Spangled Banner (October 2011) ♫
For SATB Quartet. (1:20)

"Clovis South" Fight Song (September 2011)
For marching band. (1:20)

"Clovis South" Alma Mater (September 2011)
For SATB choir. (0:50)

And The Word Became Flesh (July 2011)
For SATB choir and SATB quartet. (3:40)

Chelsea (June 2011)
For solo piano. (0:40)

Chorale (February 2011)
For String Quartet (1:20)