Full Length Musicals

Electric Circus Poster Square.jpg

Electric Circus

Book & Lyrics: Molly Reisman
Music: Clayton Daniel Briggs
Molly Reisman & Clayton Daniel Briggs

Premiere: Pepperdine University, 2019

Electric Circus is a chamber rock musical based on the real life Dr. Frankenstein, Giovanni Aldini. The nephew of disgraced scientist Luigi Galvani, Aldini will do anything to reclaim his family name, including bringing the dead back to life.

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The Three Dolls

Book: Jane Catherine Shaw
Music: Clayton Daniel Briggs
Lyrics: Molly Reisman

Premiere: La MaMa Kids, 2019

Ziv, Hermione and Pippa are three dolls living in the dark. The sun should be up by now, but for some reason, it’s still pitch black. Through friendship, puppetry, songs and musical riddles, join us in an adventure to help the three dolls on their quest to turn darkness into light, and to make the world a brighter place for all of us to live.

Stop Clock Prague Poster.jpg

Stop Clock

Book & Lyrics: Brooke Magalis
Music: Clayton Daniel Briggs

Premiere: NYU, 2019

Stop Clock is a musical that takes place in 17th century Bohemia and is loosely based on the legends surrounding the Prague Astronomical Clock. In a town recently ravaged by the plague a young woman tries repairing the clock in town square. The community collectively worries it will drive her mad just as it did her father. When the clock begins predicting deaths, the town realizes they must stop the clock before their fates are sealed.